Privacy Policy

Kimura Chemical Plants Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries ( referred to as “KCPC” ) have implemented the following policy to protect customer's personal information ( referred to as “personal information”) appropriately.

(1) Proper Obtaining and Use

KCPC will notify the purpose of use and obtain the consent when asking for personal information which is limited within the purpose of use.
KCPC will use personal information only for the achievement of the specific purpose of use which the individual consented.

(2) Control Management

KCPC will take appropriate control management in handling of personal information.
KCPC will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the individual, except for cases permitted under laws and regulations.

(3)Accuracy and Security

KCPC will maintain entrusted personal information to be accurate and updated.
KCPC will secure entrusted personal information with both technical measures and corrective actions from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, leakage, etc .
If KCPC should be exposed to those menaces said above, KCPC will work on necessary correction for minimizing risks and preventing recurrences of them.

(4) Compliance

KCPC will comply with not only the applicable laws and regulations including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, but the ministerial guidelines and standards.

(5) Quick Response

KCPC will respond properly and quickly to complaint and inquiry from the individual regarding KCPC’s handling of personal information.

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